Live chat widget on your Shopify store

Why you need it and what Talkvisor does for you

Did you know that 45% of website visitors prefer live chat to ther contact channels like email or phone calls? There are many reasons why you should have a live chat solution installed for your Shopify store:

  • Shopify stores with live chat report up to a 40% boost in conversion rates
  • An essential part of creating a good customer experience (CX)
Live Chat

Why you should use Talkvisor as your live chat solution

  • Talkvisor is not just a chat widget. It is tailored to take care of your customers. We gathered industry best practices of online customer service and distilled it into our live chat solution as Customer Journey & AI chat bot.
  • Talkvisor not only provides the live chat widget, but also integrates with Facebook and Email – something online customers these days also expect.
  • There is no hidden cost. Free plan will be free forever and paid plans will have fixed price tags. There will be no surprise bills that make you nervous.
  • There is no code required. You don’t need to hire anyone to make this happen. Just sign up and start making your customers loyal for free!
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