Work less, talk more.
The entire customer journey in one place.
The all-in-one solution for managing the entire customer journey
We help your customers feel like regulars at every communication point.
The experience your customer deserves
Talkvisor shows you the entire journey your customer takes with your store as different stages - from acquisition to post-sales.
When you can see their entire customer journey at a glance, you can avoid repetitive questions and instead welcome them back in with a personal touch.
  🛎️ Customer Joins
The customer arrives at your store!
Your customer can reach you through Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, or through email.
talkvisor Talkvisor will automatically send an initial message via Live Chat.
  👤 Browsing Store
The customer is now looking around your store and exploring the different products you have available. This is the perfect time to reach out through live chat to see if they have any questions or if they want recommendations.
Talkvisor shows you every page and every link your customer clicks.
Add and manage multiple agents for your store to engage in live chat sales.
  🛒 Adds to Cart
The customer has added products to their shopping cart!
Talkvisor shows you exactly what your customer has added to their cart.
  🛍️ Checkout Starts
The customer has started to checkout and fill out their shipping and payment details.
talkvisor If the customer abandons their shopping cart by leaving the page during the checkout, talkvisor will draft a message that could be sent via various channels (Facebook, Email, etc.), optionally with a coupon code. (30 minutes after abandonment)
shopify Shopify will send an email to the customer to remind them of their cart (10 hours after abandonment).
  💸 Customer Completes Checkout
The customer has completed checkout and is now expecting their order!
shopify Shopify will automatically send an email to the customer with order confirmation details.
Talkvisor shows you all orders the customer has made. You can also handle refunds in app.
Talkvisor automatically tags conversations with what they're about to save you time - this one's a question about shipping!
  🚚 Shipping
shopify Shopify will automatically send an email to the customer to let them know the order has shipped.
talkvisor Talkvisor will draft a message to educate the customer about products while they are waiting for the package! (1 day later)
shopify Shopify will automatically send an email to the customer when the shipment is out for delivery.
shopify Shopify will automatically send an email to the customer when the order has been delivered.
  📦 Delivered
The customer has received their order! :) Time for the customer to enjoy their products.
talkvisor Talkvisor will draft a message to request feedback from the customer. (1 week later)
Talkvisor creates a form for you to collect feedback from your customers.
Clicking on the brain will draft a message for you.
  🗣 Customer Sends Feedback
The customer has sent back their feedback about the order. Make sure we make them happy!
Talkvisor shows you all the feedback you've received from your customer.
  🎉 Finished
The customer journey has been finished!
talkvisor Talkvisor will draft a follow-up sales message for a repeat purchase. (1 month later)
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