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The Shopify app that converts your customers into loyal, repeat customers.

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Customer Loyalty = 🔑

7%📈 in loyalty = 85% more revenue 💵

Customer Journey & Feedback

Know exactly what your customers need, what they are talking about, and get feedback for your products.

Data-driven Analytics

Get out of the dark and see who your customers are and how your store is performing.

Friendly AI

Your AI sidekick generates friendly and industry best practice responses for you. Say goodbye to complex robotic templates!

How can I make my customers loyal?

Here's how Talkvisor helps you

Always be online & get notified right away Don’t go radio silence after business hours. Talkvisor can keep serving your customers when you’re off. Also, get notified when your customers need you via a text message.

Customer journey & user feedback Try our special sauce! Talkvisor shows you a progress bar for each user to indicate where in the journey the user is and tells you what to do to make your customers happy.

Continually improve your store Full-powered analytics helps you identify where your customers are normally stuck and tells you what you should be doing next to improve your online store.

All-in-one live chat

To make your customers feel loved 🥰

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